Making the surreal, real with composite portraits of your child.


What is a composite photo? I hear you say.

Well, let me tell you. This is one final image that has been created by using 2 (or more) images and making them into one. Et voila.

What is your child’s favourite imaginary place? Do they love unicorns and fairies? Are they a budding footballer or ballet dancer? I can take you there with fantastical imagery to keep forever.

Social distancing at it’s best, no contact required.

As safety is paramount right now, I turn your own photo into a digital masterpiece. It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

  1.  Choose your background from various themes and colours.  Click here to choose the background

  2.  Email me a photo of your little treasure. This can be one you already have or if you would like to take a new one, I will talk you through which “pose” is best to suit your chosen background.

  3. I work my magic to create a unique moment in time. Hey presto, you receive your little piece of history.

Our children keep growing up, and far too quickly for my liking. I own a teenager now! Thank goodness I have so many photographs of my children to look back on. Document them, so then in time to come you will have photographs that make those overwhelming feelings of motherhood and fatherhood, come rushing back.

Fancy owning a source of beauty and inspiration to hang on your wall?

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Just get in touch, and I will be more than happy to chat and discuss your requirements.

Thanks, Nicola