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What a Potato!

An hour in Philips Park

Its cold but dry, so we head to Philips park in Whitefield, Manchester, as I quite often do with my rabble. I say my boys are like dogs. They need running or they get cranky. So off we head with a football in hand and get ready for some boys fun. I am totally outnumbered here. And instead of doing girly things like painting my nails and a getting facial, I am playing football and generally getting cold and muddy.

Luckily I was armed with my camera, as we stumbled across 2 park volunteers with a roaring fire cooking the best jackets potatoes I have ever tasted. It was great to find these 2 people who were so informative and kind. Telling me of some great walks I can do with my boys, that I never knew existed, and is right on my doorstep. Which proves the point that you never have to go too far to find fun when you want it.

With the smoke coming from the fire and faces full of food I managed to capture some great memories of my family. Well 2 of them are my sons, and the other 3 may as well be!

The moral of the story……… always carry your camera. You never know what you might find.


If you know of any great places I can visit and take some great portrait photographs in Manchester, Cheshire or Bury, drop me a comment. Thanks, Nicola

Nicola Mowatt

Nicola is a well sought after baby and children's portrait photographer, snapping away in Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire

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